Aesthetics of a smile - the imperative of the modern age

The aesthetics of a smile belongs to the category of aesthetic dental medicine. We all want to leave a good first impression, both in private life and in the business world. How can you beautify your smile without undergoing difficult, time-consuming jaw reconstructions?

In Dr. Vučković's clinic we use completely harmless and non-invasive methods for your perfect smile:

  • bleaching - several types of methods
  • veneers
  • dental jewelry - Skyce

Smile aesthetics - whitening for white smile 

If you have healthy, intact, endodontically untreated teeth, and you are not satisfied with their shade, the optimal therapy is teeth whitening.

Did you know that there are several whitening methods? You can do it at home, but you can whiten your teeth much better in a dental clinic. The result is longer lasting compared to homemade whitening.

What are the types of teeth whitening? 

Power bleaching - bleaching with a laser lamp

Whitening at-home - whitening with individual tooth splints in combination with gel

Walking bleaching - whitening of avital teeth (when the nerve has been extracted) using a gel



Superior aesthetics - dental veneers 

If you want to change the shape, appearance, color, size of your teeth, especially the front ones, dental veneers are the best possible choice.


They are minimally invasive or completely non-invasive. Depending on the type of dental veneers, they require only minimal surface grinding of the tooth or at all. Likewise, if you have diastema (the distance between the front two upper teeth), veneers correct this problem very quickly and successfully. Dental veneers are a modern response of dentistry to aesthetic needs of today's person. Candidates for veneers must have healthy, intact teeth, without large fillings.

Skyce dental jewelry - a great fashion accessory for your smile 

In our practice, we use tested dental jewelry from Skyce. It is easily applied to the tooth surface. No previous tooth preparation is required, such as grinding. These are crystal stones that give your smile a glamorous touch.

Choose one of the treatments depending on what you want to correct: color, appearance, size, shape, or distance between the teeth.

Visit us at Ilica 191 b because we will choose the best treatment to make your smile shine again!