Facial rejuvenation PRGF - plasma treatments

Facial rejuvenation is extremely popular today. Among the anti-aging treatments, plasma treatments stand out, because they are 100% natural and without any allergic reactions. Namely, the patient's blood is used, from which we extract plasma rich in growth factors. Facial rejuvenation with the PRGF method has proven to be a safe and effective solution.

It is the only technique by which we naturally achieve long-term tissue regeneration and do not change the physiognomy and facial expression. PRGF derma treatment stimulates skin renewal from within. Growth factors extracted from your blood stimulate the surrounding tissue to regenerate, making it more elastic and making the skin look younger and fuller.

The human body is a perfect factory that renews itself and produces all the components for growth and development.

As we age, our facial skin relaxes, we look for a way to stop time. With the advancement of regenerative technologies, we have found a simple, long-lasting, and non-invasive solution that encourages the delay of the aging process.


PRGF Endoret (plasma rich in growth factor-endogenous regenerative technology) is an autologous procedure in which we use proteins from your blood. The treatment is 100% safe because we do not use artificially created collagen and proteins, but our own, thus eliminating allergic reactions and side effects.

Multiple applications in dentistry 


There are multiple applications of this fantastic method. Did you know that plasma is still used to restore hair follicles and in scalp treatments? It is a treatment for skin rejuvenation and regeneration, but it is also used for many procedures in oral surgery to help the bone regenerate faster and patients recover faster.

In dentistry we use it in the following situations:


  • after tooth extraction
  • in the case of implant surgery for regeneration
  • in oral surgery to regenerate bone defects
  • in sinus floor lift surgery
  • in the treatment of periodontal defects

In addition to implant placement and some more difficult tooth extractions, we place plasma in the wounds and around the implants.

It speeds up healing and reduces pain and swelling.

All this is made possible by a device for centrifuging blood from which we extract plasma and use it for rejuvenation or in oral surgery and implant procedures.


The BTI Institute, which invented all this, began to apply the PRGF method for skin regeneration. A great era of aesthetic non-invasive procedures is beginning in Croatia. As dentists, we have gained an advantage over other professions, because we are skillful and precise, we know the anatomy of the face well and we have included these treatments in our offer.

Dr. Inga Vučković was educated for facial rejuvenation and skin regeneration treatments such as:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • Botox
  • plasma

Since plasma is biocompatible and there are no possibilities for allergic reactions, this treatment is a favorite among facial rejuvenation treatments in our clinic.

Facial rejuvenation by PRGF method - procedure 

The treatment lasts about twenty minutes.

  1. We draw blood because we need the patient's blood to put it in the centrifuge machine.
  2. Before the treatment, we apply an anesthetic cream to the face.
  3. Platelets are isolated and growth factors are activated.
  4. The resulting plasma is initiated with needles of the smallest diameter into the facial skin for tissue regeneration.
  5. Plasma is distributed on the skin of the face.
  6. After the treatment, we put on a plasma mask that has a beneficial effect.


The treatment is determined depending on the stage of skin aging.

They can be nicely edited:

  • face
  • neck
  • head
  • hands

Some small hematoma can occur if we hit the capillary, but very rarely and very little.

The treatment consists of three applications with an interval of one month, and then, depending on the age of the patient, once a year.

When are the first effects seen? 

The effects become visible 24 hours after the treatment as the skin becomes smooth and shiny. It is recommended to do three treatments in three months to get the best long-lasting effect. By injecting plasma that is rich in growth factors, we stimulate skin cells to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

No cream can make such an effect. This method can improve any other dermo-cosmetic procedure.

Who is recommended to rejuvenate the face with the PRGF method? 

Who is the treatment for?

From the age of 30, it is used as a prevention of aging, and after the age of 45 as a regenerative treatment.

Advantages of the PRGF method 

  • Stimulates your own cells to produce natural hyaluronic acid
  • Increases the secretion of collagen and elastin, which contributes to tissue tension
  • Skin hydration has been proven to be much better than any cosmetic treatment
  • We get the effect of fillers and wrinkle reduction as with hyaluronic acid treatment
  • The skin regains its youthful appearance and radiance
  • Pores shrink
  • The skin has a healthy appearance
  • The skin becomes brighter, shinier, and more elastic.

Wrinkles will not go away, but a new glow will be noticed. Everyone will tell you, "You look amazing! Have you been on vacation?"

There is no contraindication, except in people who take blood thinners and who are prone to herpes.

Why do many celebrities decide to rejuvenate their faces with the PRGF method? 

Many football players use this method, but for sore knees, not the face.

Angelina Jolie and Danijela Martinović and many other celebrities have chosen this method as the basic rejuvenation therapy.

In our country, many Croatian stars have already beautified and rejuvenated their faces, giving their trust in our expertise. This treatment is performed by both doctors: Dr. Inga Vučković and Dr. Maja Flajnik.

Facial rejuvenation with the PRGF method is a biocompatible method, 100% safe and 100% effective for our patients, and there is no more natural skin renewal than using our own growth factors.