First examination


Why is the first examination necessary to determine the therapy? 

The first check-up is the first step to preserving your oral health and a new smile. Patients often think that diagnosis and therapy can be made based on a telephone conversation, e-mail correspondence, or communication via social networks (inbox/comments). They often diagnose and treat themselves. However, without examinations and recordings, the diagnosis cannot be made by experts, dentists, let alone patients.

Based on the examination in the office and orthopedics (X-rays of all teeth, which the patient brings with him) and our targeted individual RVG images, we can determine the exact diagnosis and optimal treatment plan.

The first examination in our clinic 

  1. Health questionnaire 

Every patient who visits us for the first time fills out a Health Questionnaire compiled according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization. The questionnaire consists of questions that are important for our profession. Based on your answers, we get an insight into your health condition and we can adjust the therapy to each patient. So it is important for us to know if you are taking coagulation drugs (blood clotting / thinning), if you have osteoporosis, diabetes, some autoimmune diseases, etc. This is of great importance to us for oral surgery and implant procedures.

  1. Examination and conversation with the patient 

The dentist examines the orthopan that the patient brings, and then examines the patient's teeth in detail on the dental chair. Each tooth is closely observed. The patient exposes his problem and expresses his wishes, and we listen to him carefully.

  1. Modern technology for precise diagnostics 

For the first examination in our office, the most modern technology is used in order to make the most accurate diagnosis:

  • intraoral camera
  • DIAGNOdent
  • computer processing of tooth images with RVG

The INTRAORAL CAMERA records in real-time and at the same time produces a tooth image on the screen magnified up to 60 times. In this way, both we and the patients can gain insight into the true condition of the oral cavity. We have an insight into the condition of each tooth and we can precisely plan the therapy.

DIAGNOdent is a device that enables the detection and measurement of invisible caries at an early stage. With it, it is easier to make the right diagnosis.

RADIOVISIOGRAPHY, or RVG, is digital imaging of teeth that uses up to 95% less radiation than classic X-rays. The biggest advantage of this dental imaging is the instant access to the imaging. This enables faster and more efficient analysis and diagnostics.

  1. Diagnosis and development of treatment plan 

Based on the examination of the oral cavity, orthopan, our images, and conversations with the patient, we make an accurate diagnosis and make a treatment plan according to the needs, desires, and financial capabilities of the patient. We explain the treatment plan in detail in simple language, without complicated technical terms, so that patients can understand us.

The professional and approachable relationship of our team creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere because we know that going to the dentist causes discomfort to many. With us, the first examination is a pleasant experience.

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