Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws, and misaligned bite patterns. It can also focus on modifying facial growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics. Abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaws is common.

When you have "wrinkled teeth" and would like to have straight and nicely arranged ones, you can fulfill that desire by wearing an orthodontic brace.

In the beginning, only children wore braces and only at night. They could be removed and put on as needed. Removable devices are called mobile devices. Such a brace is a great corrective to an irregular smile if worn regularly. The mobile brace is an excellent device that can completely eliminate or significantly reduce the developmental anomaly or the subsequent need to wear a fixed brace.

In Croatia, the mobile device is free therapy for children, like nowhere else in the world. The problem is that children probably don't wear them regularly, and their parents don't motivate them, so very rarely the therapy ends up successfully. We can conclude the following - this brace has a great effect, you just need to be persistent and wear it constantly.

Orthodontics today 

As everything goes forward, the production of locks and wires is improving from year to year, so the braces change in appearance.

Modern orthodontics offers:

  • mobile orthodontic braces - braces that can be removed during meals and for brushing teeth
  • fixed orthodontic appliances
  • invisible orthodontic appliances

Fixed orthodontic appliances 

Fixed orthodontic appliances are the main therapeutic appliance for straightening teeth. Still, a fixed orthodontic appliance is just a tool in the hands of an orthodontics specialist. Only with professionally conducted therapy will a fixed orthodontic appliance achieve the desired result: a healthy and beautiful smile.

As the name suggests, a fixed brace is an orthodontic brace that the patient cannot remove on their own. It works from the moment the dentist/orthodontist places it on the teeth. It is precisely because of the action of constant forces that it has the most successful results. It is the most effective way to straighten your teeth.

This therapy lasts about 2 years, depending on the procedures that are specific from patient to patient.

IP Appliance fixed orthodontics 

The Individual Patient (IP) Appliance® was the first customized appliance system in the world and is an enhanced straight archwire technique. In the current standard in orthodontics, dentists use "straight archwire" appliances with one bracket design and one archwire for all patients, which is not always sufficient to treat all tooth movements. However, the IP Appliance® revolutionized orthodontics by allowing doctors to customize the optimal appliance for each patient.

This customization results in faster, more consistent treatment results. Tens of thousands of successful cases from all over the world have already proven that this is the most efficient way to straighten your teeth, the next generation of orthodontics.

The IP Appliance system, which was designed by the American company and school Progressive Orthodontics Systems. The system is based on a modified and supplemented Roth prescription.

The specificity of this system is that the therapy is maximally individualized. Namely, The Individual Patient (IP) Appliance is the first individually adapted orthodontic brace in the world.

We analyze photographs and X-rays. We have software that does the measurement and thanks to that we can predict the exact outcome of the therapy down to the millimeter. Through the software, we choose a therapy plan and special wires that suit each jaw separately.

With combinations of wires and locks, we maximally individualize the brace to suit only the patient for whom we performed the measurements. By adapting the brace to the patient's needs, we achieve that the therapy is accelerated as much as possible. The duration of therapy is individual and depends on what we do. This is a big advantage that other systems do not have. In standard orthodontic therapy with fixed braces, dentists use braces with the same braces and wires for all patients, which is not always enough to treat all tooth movements.

The device contains:

  • specific (individual) brackets for each tooth
  • arched wires adapted to facial features and tooth movements, guiding the teeth according to the size and shape of each patient's unique bone structure

IP Appliance - a revolution in fixed orthodontics 

It takes 40% less time to complete the therapy due to the addition of torque and rotations at the very beginning of the treatment. We use the optimal shape of the wire (arc) based on the anatomy and target of each patient.

IP Appliance Orthodontics has made a real small revolution in the world of orthodontics because it has allowed dentists to adapt dental braces to the needs of each patient by offering an optimal, individualized brace. This adjustment results in faster and more accurate therapy results.

Tens of thousands of successful cases from around the world have already proven that this is the most effective way to correct teeth. These are new generation dental braces. It is the orthodontics of the future!

Tooth extraction is often included in fixed therapy, especially when we have a large "crowd" in the dental arch. Therapy can last 1-3 years. On average, it lasts a minimum of 2 years. Tooth displacement and bite reconstruction are not possible in less than 2 years.

IP Appliance Orthodontics - BENEFITS 

  1. Individualization of dental braces - adaptation to the needs of the patient's physiognomy

- provides dentists with 10 times more possibilities in the design of the wire (arch) and the production of specific, individual locks

Each tooth is diagnosed to find the best lock for the predicted direction of tooth movement. Locks are designed and manufactured for each patient individually; it is not about "ready-made" locks of wide consumption and use.

  1. Faster orthodontic therapy than classic - IP brace therapy in the last 6 months faster than classic braces for teeth with flat wire.
  2. A reduced number of visits to the dentist - due to the use of long-acting materials and less need to correct the wire, the intervals between visits have been extended. This means fewer visits to the office and time on the dental chair and much better results than with traditional fixed orthodontics.
  3. More comfort - since the locks and wires are anatomically adapted to the patient, it is necessary to change the wire less often, so the braces are less painful and irritating.
  4. No unwanted tooth movements - as is the case with traditional fixed braces.
  5. Improved retention - maintaining the final position of the teeth is significantly improved and extended compared to classic fixed braces.

Six Month Smiles Orthodontics 

Today, there are also aesthetic locks, ie aesthetically fixed braces that have monocrystalline or transparent locks.

In our clinic, we opted for fixed orthodontics SIX MONTH SMILES, a conservative system of rapid orthodontics, or aesthetically oriented orthodontics for minor orthodontic anomalies that can be corrected in 4-9 months. On average it is 6 months. Dr. Maja Flajnik is our certified expert for the SIX MONTH SMILES orthodontic system.

By straightening their teeth in addition to a nicer smile, proper bite, and pronunciation, patients find it much easier to maintain oral hygiene. This is a very important item because irregular, compacted teeth make it very difficult to brush your teeth, and due to inadequate hygiene, caries can form. Also, during therapy, teeth should be brushed according to the instructions of a dentist/orthodontist in order not to create caries under the locks.

With the modern philosophy of orthodontic therapy and the expertise of Dr. Maja Flajnik, we enable you straight teeth and a proper smile much faster and with better results than with classic orthodontic braces.