Preventive dentistry - professional prophylaxis

"Better safe than sorry!" is our proverb when it comes to oral health prevention.

Regular check-ups are the basis of prevention in dentistry. Completely clean teeth, healthy mucous membranes, and detailed examinations are the best way to healthy teeth.

Preventive dentistry is applied when you notice tartar on your teeth and realize that you cannot clean it with persistent strong brushing. This is a good reason to visit the dentist. In our office, we eliminate it with an ultrasonic remover completely painless in one visit.

Why is tartar removed?

Calculus must be cleaned in order to remove mechanical obstacles during brushing, i.e. to eliminate all bacteria that have settled on the calculus, and the cause is periodontal inflammation.

What is dental tartar? 

What remains and we do not wash well after brushing our teeth is called plaque. The next day, the process of calcification turns to scale. And so from day to day, in a vicious circle, every day a new layer is put together that cannot be removed by mechanical brushing. This can only be done by a dentist.

How to clean dental plaque? 

There are two ways:

  • Soniflex ultrasound and
  • PROPHYflex

Sonyflex removes hard dental plaque with ultrasound.

Prophyflex uses fine particles of "sand" (baking soda) to remove fine deposits caused by consuming coffee, tea, colored food, and smoking.

Removal of the greasy, colored layer is done by sandblasting. In this way, we achieve a perfectly smooth tooth surface on which new plaque is harder and slower to catch. Sandblasting is not harmful and is very useful. It is recommended twice a year, and more often in patients prone to faster stone formation. We also recommend sandblasting before professional teeth whitening in the office. The whitening success is better because the color is more evenly distributed on the tooth surface.

Preventive dentistry in Dr. Vučković's office 

As preventive methods we use:

  1. Ultrasonic tooth cleaning - Sonicflex
  2. Treatment of teeth using ozone
  3. Cleaning teeth with PROPHYflex
  4. Preventive coating with GC paste


GC preparations based on lactic acid Tooth Mouse and toothpaste are used to protect teeth from caries and strengthen enamel. In small patients with poorly mineralized enamel, in patients with poor oral hygiene, and in those with stained teeth, this remedy has proven to be very good. After applying the paste, nothing should be drunk or eaten for 10 minutes. The excess paste can be swallowed freely because it is harmless. It starts to work only when the saliva completely dissolves it and rinses all parts of the teeth.

Why is prophylaxis important? 

Occupational prophylaxis includes a number of measures to prevent dental and periodontal disease. We can talk about the so-called. primary prophylaxis, which includes professional teeth cleaning and detailed instructions that we give to patients in order to properly maintain oral hygiene in the future.

Did you know that our mouth is inhabited by about 500 species of bacteria? Impressive number! A dozen species cause pathological changes, but we can control them with adequate, daily oral hygiene. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day and cleaning your tartar at least twice a year, and several times if necessary.

What do we advise you? 

  • brushing your teeth regularly - after every meal
  • regular use of an interdental brush
  • flossing
  • preventive examination every 6 months
  • cleaning tartar, sandblasting, and polishing teeth

By preserving the health of the oral cavity, you are preserving the health of the whole organism, because you know how to say:

 "Health enters through the mouth!"

Protect your teeth!