We provide all types of fixed and mobile prosthetics.

When it comes to fixed prosthetics, we fabricate:

crowns (ceramic, zircon, glass-ceramic)


veneers, etc.


When do we need crowns:

1) when caries destroyed the crown of the tooth, as a protection and for the longevity of our tooth,

2) when we are missing some teeth and we want to replace that deficiency with a bridge consisting of crowns on the supporting teeth and intermediate elements that replace the missing teeth,

3) crown on the implant,

4) when we are not satisfied with the shape and color of the tooth, so purely for aesthetic reasons



Metal-ceramic crowns: the base is made of metal /alloy/ over which ceramics are applied

All-ceramic crowns

Zirconia crowns: the base is made of a zirconia mixture oveer which ceramics are applied. Zirconia is in the color of the tooth, so a more beautiful color can be achieved; it is biocompatible and does not cause any allergies. Aesthetically, they are very beautiful and the natural appearance of the tooth can be achieved. There are also full-zirconia crowns that are made with CAD-CAM technology, which allows us to be precise in the production of new teeth.


As for mobile prosthetics, there are:

complete dentures

metal dentures - WIRONIT

combined prosthetics with joint connections