Dental repair has never been easier and painless.

dental care!

Plasma-rich growth factor rejuvenation technique
has proven to be a safe and effective solution in delaying the aging process

plasma rejuvenation

All implants are EU certified

Implant placement

Select Six Month Smiles

Do you want fast aesthetic orthodontics?

First examination

The first visit is the first step to your new laugh.

What does the first examination include?

  • detailed examination of each tooth
  • examination by an intraoral camera
  • examination with DIAGNOdent - diagnosis - detection and measurement of invisible caries at an early stage
  • computer processing of tooth images with RVG

Based on your wishes and needs and financial possibilities, we create an optimal therapy plan for you!

Dental implants

Dental implants are the best permanent solution for lost teeth. As a replacement for the tooth root, they provide a firm foothold and serve as supports for dental crowns.

They do not cause allergic reactions because they are made of purified titanium, a biocompatible material.

Implant procedures in our country are performed by an oral surgery specialist, and we use quality German implants BEGO SEMADOS and NOBEL Biocare with a high percentage of success.

Did you know that the success rate of implant procedures is more than 95%?

Six month smiles


Perfect smile and straight teeth in just 6 months?

You have crooked teeth, but you want to have a perfect smile in the short term? No worries, you can have beautifully shaped teeth with the help of Six Month Smiles braces.


Visit us for a free examination and consultation and find out if you are a candidate for this unique method!

Hyaluronic fillers

Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a natural ingredient in the skin, so they are biocompatible and do not cause allergic reactions. We are talking about a natural, non-invasive way of rejuvenation.

Restore shine and freshness to your face in a completely natural and harmless way!


Recognition of excellence

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Going to the dentist not only without fear or anxiety, but even with confidence and joy! Dr.Vučković's light and professional hand takes away all the problems. In addition, all staff are kind, smart, helpful and fun. Thank you!!

It is important to notice and emphasize her great dedication to work, inexhaustible energy and meticulousness. An excellent expert and a great person in every sense. Where others are looking how the make most money, she is looking for the best solutions for the patient!

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the care you took over my appointment today. My daughter is quite timid, but your doctor was brilliant with her. I am very grateful for your high standard of care.