Application of ozone


OZONE is the most powerful oxidizing agent and destroys 99% of bacteria in carious tooth.

After the treatment, a reducing solution is applied to the tooth. It contains minerals that enable the process of remineralization (renewal) of dental tissue.

The continuation of the treatment takes place at home by thoroughly brushing the tooth with a special paste and rinsing the mouth with a solution for better remineralization. After the agreed time, we measure the amount of caries again in the office.

The results will please both you and us. Maybe in the future, together, we will be victorious over bacteria and caries?!



Cleaning of

Soft deposits from the tooth surface using PROPHYflex


Measuring the amount of caries using DIAGNOdent

Ozone therapy

The damaged tooth is treated, depending on the amount of caries, for 10-60 seconds

Reducing solution

The treated tooth is rinsed with a solution that releases minerals and fluorides and stimulates tooth regeneration

Patient kit

The patient receives paste, spray and rinsing solution to be used at home for 4-8 weeks. In 99% of cases, with proper use, the tooth is restored. After that, the patient comes for a check-up to determine whether the restoration process is complete.