Laser - Epic BIOLASE


The laser light focuses very precisely on the tissue, practically at one point and with very high energy, which makes it a perfect instrument for use in dentistry. The laser works on the principle of the photothermal effect, which means the conversion of light energy into thermal energy. It is based on the knowledge that chromophores (biologically active molecules), such as hemoglobin, melanin and water, absorb a specific wavelength of light. By applying a laser beam of a certain wavelength that corresponds to the absorption maximum of the chromophore, selective heating of the target tissue is achieved without major thermal damage to the surrounding surface.


How does it work?

When the laser beam hits the tissue, it transfers its energy to it, the tissue absorbs this energy and converts it into heat. The generated heat, on a microscopic level, heats the water molecules inside and outside the tissue cells and it evaporates, which macroscopically manifests itself as a cut on the tissue. At the same time, the tissue coagulates due to this same heat, which results in the absence of bleeding. This thermal effect depends on the rise in temperature and on the appropriate reaction of the tissue fluid. Small increases in temperature have a moderate effect on the tissue, and larger increases are devastating.


What do we use it for?

The possibilities offered by the laser in our daily work are surgical procedures without unpleasant bleeding, fast and painless wound healing, reduced sensitivity of the operated area, therapy of various changes in the mucous membrane, periodontal and endodontic therapy, tissue biostimulation, treatment of various inflammatory conditions and teeth whitening. We use the laser to provide our patients with quick and painless procedures without complications and to speed up healing.