Plasma rich in growth factors

Four forms of protein preparation

One part can be made into a clot that promotes healing, another part comes in a liquid state, the third part can be mixed with one's own bone or artificial bone, or a fibrin membrane can be made.


What is PRGF Endoret?

PRGF Endoret is a technology that uses the patient's blood, so there are no unwanted effects or allergic reactions.

In dentistry, it is used in therapy after tooth extraction, during implant procedures and regeneration in the area of implants, regeneration of bone defects, sinus floor lift surgery and in the treatment of periodontal defects.


Why is PRGF Endoret good?

It has been proven that the application of different forms of PRGF Endoret preparations promotes the regeneration and healing of wounds after procedures in the oral cavity. After the growth factor is released into the defect, the formation of new blood vessels and bone healing are enhanced.


How is PRGF Endoret used?

In order to isolate plasma proteins, it is necessary to remove a small amount of the patient's blood, about 9 ml, depending on the indication and the defect. The blood is centrifuged to obtain plasma and activate the proteins that promote regeneration.

Only one blood centrifugation process is required. PRGF Endoret uses concentrated growth factors to stimulate cell growth and tissue regeneration as proven in many clinical studies. Also, after centrifugation of the patient's blood, the plasma is separated from the leukocytes that promote the inflammatory response.